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    Weather its the food, exotic smells, abundance of culture, beautiful architecture, art, or call to prayer, it's easy to be seduced by Marrakech. I'd often read a lot about marrakech, but visiting was a experience in itself. I will actually admit, I have Marrakech fever. It's difficult not to fall in love with this city! Marrakech has always seemed slightly cliche to me, and always struck me as a place to visit to experience the quintessential Saharan life of North Africas' region. It's the fourth largest city in Morocco, located in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, and is the perfect destination to visit if you want to introduce yourself to Morocco. Due to its geographical location, it'a accessible, in only 3 and a half hours from London, making it one of the easiest journeys to do Its bursting with a abundance of culture in such a short fall of time. In other words, it's perfect! Being a islamised Country has made it subject to certain stereotypes due to prevailing political problems nearby, however keep an open mind and you will be welcomed with open arms. Somehow the city manages to balance its culture and assent western values seamlessly.

    Where to stay?

    You will find countless riads in the Medina and old city, or countless hotel chains in the new hotels. If you want to experience real moroccan hospitality, go for a Riad, even if it's only for a night! Once owned by the wealthiest citizens such as merchants and courtiers focused around family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco, They will take you back in time ,. Many of the restored riads in the districts of Mouassine and Lakssour offer the finest examples of restoration as historically these areas contained many of the grand palaces from Marrakech's Saadian period, now owned mostly by foreigners, helping restore UNESCO sites.


    Luxury: Riad Al Maha

    Almaha is a relatively new premium boutique Riad, with a decor fit for royalty. With large spacious suites, amongst only 12 rooms, your truly likely to have a unique one to one experience here. All the food is home made, and you could spend hours bird watching on the hotel grounds, or admiring the rooftops from the Terrace.

    When I arrived to Al maha, I was greeted to a average wooden door from the main street. I did't really know what to expect. When I entered, I was greeted by wonderful staff with a mint tea, in a quaint front room with a large bookcase. 'Ma'am, there is a secret door in here, can you guess where '? I had a look around, and from watching one too many movies I guessed a moving bookcase would't be far off, although I couldn't see any entry points. She pushes the book case and asked me ' please come in' . I approached with suspicion, enjoying the banter at the same time. After this, I'm sure the wow in my facial expressions said it all. How is this great hidden gem, hidden behind that one door? I already have a feeling I won't want to leave. And thats what I love about Marrakech. On every corner or through every door, it holds a little secret waiting to be explored.


    Beautiful grounds of AlMaha


    This riad is cleverly designed by Charles Kaisin, a Belgian architect. With the thick walls, and centre water feature, and beautifully draped curtains, it was at least 10 degree cooler as you enter. With only 8 exclusive boutique rooms individually tailored, their accomodation is fit for a king (literally)! It's a surreal experience, with only the sound of birds or fountain to keep you company. This is definitely my number one property in Marrakesh!

    marrakech riad

    Almaha Boutique Marrakech hotel grounds

    Marrakeh riad

    Homemade traditional Moroccan Cuisine


    In hotel spa


    The pixel room- each pixel is handcrafted to imitate the 'Jna Al Fna' Square


    Key Features: Luxurious interior design exclusive by Charles Kaisah, located in prestige Kesbah, boutique rooms,  ;Price ££££

    55 Derb Ben Zina، Marrakesh 40040, Morocco; +212 5243-86782; http://www.almahamarrakech.com

    Perfect for romance/couples


    Budget: Riad Adore

    Marrakesh is full of a range of beautiful options if on a budget. There are many reasonable priced riads dispersed around the Medina with a beautiful boutique feel , each one to its own identity. I was lucky enough to try our Riad Adore. Its a small chic read, run more by a small number of staff, making the service exceptionally personal. With 10 individually decorated rooms, newly decorated by Christoper S , Its located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the Medina.

    The patio area is decorated with pretty greys, authentic feeling window shutters, and the sound of the fountains make you feel you are sleeping out in the open at night. The property facilitates a hammam, a salon offering a wide range of treatments, a library, and a rooftop berber tent perfect for shisha summers, or fire lit winters.

    The boutique riad comes alive at night, lit with candles and chillout music, making a magical atmosphere for the guests.


    Fatima room 


    Riad Adore grounds



    Riad Adore,94 Derb Tizouagrine, Dar El Bacha, Marrakech Medina 00 44 (0) 7935 079 983 (UK) Riadadore.com


    Medina: Riad Star

    If you want to opt into staying deep in the Medina and experience the old city first hand, then head to Riad Star. It's owned by Mike wood, but was the original home of Josephine Baker in the early 1940's, so it's got a unique character which sets it apart from other riads.  The  7 bedrooms character property has changed very little, with just the much needed updates to the bedroom keeping the original artefacts to give the feel you are stepping into her original home. Its a fun modern art deco property with Moroccan spirit, and stepping into the riad is like taking a step back in time to the 1940's flapper era without sacrificing modern comforts. You will have fun dressing up as Josephine, as they still have her costumes on display for guests to try on.


    Colourful doors on the First floor terrace



    Conveniently located near the Ben Youssef Mederessa, its one of the tallest buildings in the neighbourhood with astonishing views of the rooftops and Koutobia mosque especially at the sunset hour .You can take a stroll on the terrace at night, enjoy the sunset, prayer time next to the rooftop fireplace with some tasty homemade dinner.


    Rooftop terrace


    The terrace top room which I stayed


    The rooms have small dainty artisans belonging to Josephine herself, and all rooms are equipped with top of the range en suites with power shower, luxury robes, silk sheets, hairdryer, mini fridge and

    Watch me having fun at riad star!

    staff are extremely attentive and friendly, and you feel part of a family from the day you step in . Most importantly, they provided a prepaid mobile phone to each of their guests to call them if they take a stroll out and hesitate to find their way back. Even on my third trip to Morocco I was hopeless in the Medina! Safety is a huge thing and the Medina can be daunting at night, especially if its your first time! This service really sets this Riad apart.

    Riad Star, 13 Derb Alilich, Kaat Bennahid District, Marrakesh; 800-845-0810; riadstar.com.

    Key Features: Boutique Riad, Medina location, Excellent views of rooftop and Koutoubia, Events can be arranged here, onsite hammam

    Perfect for solo travellers/ groups of friends/female travellers Price ££


    Chain hotel: Four Seasons

    On the other hand, if you are after something a bit more commercial, you won't have a shortfall of a well known large chain group to choose from. Marrakesh has attracted properties from the Four Seasons, Sofitel, Sheratton and Fairmont. I resided with the Four Seasons, and although it comes at a larger price tag,they have done a fabulous job of keeping the Moroccan identity, whilst amalgamating their signature image well. This property is located at a prestigious part of Marrakesh, and it has 141 rooms, alongside 27 suites – all with private balcony and terraces, on site Le Spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness grounds. Their tranquil gardens are a world away from the bustling city and most importantly which goes without saying, you will be treated with the exclusive hospitality as a Four Seasons. I recommend their properties worldwide!


    Four seasons signature fountain

    four seasons marrakesh

    Hotel grounds at night


    Four Seasons signature coffee  leaf

    four seasons marrakesh


    Generous views from the deluxe rooms

    four seasons marrakech

    Look who we bumped into! Zoz Alajail follow him on Insta @zozalajail

    Key features: 5 star hotel, chain group hotel, Situated in premium neighbourhood of Marrakech, 3 nights get one free; Price ££££

    One things for sure, if your coming to Morocco, you should't miss out on the serenity and hospitality of riads, lets face it, how many times will we get the chance to experience a riad?

    perfect for couples, families, people with a high budget


  • hong kong
  • Inside of Hong Kongs Luxury Intercontinental

    I'm a sucker for rooftop pools, and The Hong Kong Intercontinental really exhilirates my senses. There is something slightly surreal about watching the world go by from a rooftop infinity pool

    The prestige property is located on the edge of the victoria Harbour in the Kowloon district. it has 1600 individually appointed rooms. For a surcharge of   HK450  (£37) you can sit back in comfort with a signature 'nine dragons' cocktail, in the knowledge you've snagged one of the most desirable spots in town with the most epic panoramic views!

    310370_10151050471408309_1117263953_n 247616_10151050477908309_1330925895_n

    Views from the rooftop pool

    75145_10151050479088309_591469127_nIntercontinentals egg benedicts breakfast

    246708_10151049917778309_581552155_nRooftop pool Bar

    252500_10151057137138309_2131711423_nNight view from the pool 262858_10151050476073309_2100817074_nSignature cocktails in the lobby


    If you love cities, Hong Kong is a huge contender against the city out there with the likes of Dubai, Tokyo, London and New York. It's pretty impressive in its lineup, and I love the fact the cultural experience is so vast here! Theres a lot more to Hong Kong then just Hotels and skyscrapers. It boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage,with a dash of western values which has come about from its pre British reign. With more then one island to explore in a city that never sleeps, you will be pretty rapt in Hong Kong. Choose from various things to do in this cosmopolitan city such as panoramic views from the Victoria Harbour and peak, cultural trips to Lantau Island, or excursions to Macau. Make sure you guys head over to my review of 'The venetian hotel- Macau'


    View from the top


    Avenue of the Stars

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  • Oakley Court Hotel

    Oakley Cort Hotel, Berks     For anyone who is following me on snapchat (monu_b) or instagram you guys will know I love my luxury  hotels. So when I recently found this hidden gem so close to me, you will have no idea how pleased I was. Having driven past it many times, and no idea what was inside. Oakley Court hotel in Berkshire is a beautiful historical gothic hotel, with stunning Victorian architecture. Everything is impressive about it, wether its the drive up to the hotel through the garden entrance, or the impressive hand carved ornaments scattered throughout the grounds. DSC_1180

    Suede Boots Dune   |  Suede Gloves Dune   |    Zip leggings Asos   |  Duster coat Asos |  Lipstick Red Chanel 

      I loved the fact that little had been changed in the hotel, and they manage to integrate a few changes, such as the glass roof conservatory, the boot room, or the lovely lantern lit hallway to the restaurant, without withdrawing attention to the era. Doing dome research into the hotel, I found out it was the home to many famous movie sets such as Dr. Frank N Furter’s castle ‘The Frankenstein Place’ and St Trinians. 3985687433 2188875818 The drawing room was my favourite location, and I came to dine in their day bar, and enjoyed a spot of snooker in their play room. I went for their leek and garlic soup , which tasted absolutely amazing! Along with a dessert and coffee. their food is freshly cooked on site, and wether you just want a browse round the hotel, a daytime lunch escape, or a walk in their fabulous gardens and along the thames, it's definitely a great spot to go! Prices in this grade II listed hotel are approximately £130 a night for a standard room. It's perfect if your going to watch the races in local Ascot, or just on a weekend escape   Join me on snapchat to see my newly started vlog's, which will also go up on my youtube channel next month. I willtwitterpinterestyoutubeinstagrammail

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